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Les & Natanya Riddle - Owners
Les is a third-generation Gravette resident. His full-time job is in the heavy equipment industry. He also works part-time in law enforcement and has a farm with cattle and bales lots of hay in the summer.  In his free time, he -- wait. What's "free time"?!?

Natanya was born and raised in a tiny town near Houston, Texas. Her full-time job is Mommy to her boys, and she works part-time as a stenographer in and around NWA. Natanya loves to create, whether that's through photography, crafting, or musically. You'll see her touches all over the gym.

Les and Natanya were married in 2015 and have two adorable, busy sons. They like to travel and create tangible, lasting memories with their family. Most of their time is spent outdoors whenever possible.  

The Riddles both have a heart for "community" in general and saw the gym as a way to give back and also create relationships with people they may never have met otherwise. Together, they hope to bring increasing health and a sense of pride to the residents of Gravette with the quality of gym they're striving to provide.
Jamie McDougal, ATC, CSCS - Trainer
Jamie is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with the National Strength and Conditioning Association, Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) with the National Athletic Training Association, and has a Master's in Education (M.Ed.) from Arkansas Tech University. He has an extensive background from training 7th-12th grades, professional and amateur athletes to working professionals with nominal experience in fitness.  He has also taught PE, Wellness Science, Sports Medicine, and strength & conditioning in both the high school and collegiate settings.

Jamie focuses on "training" for a specific goal with a purpose and not just going through the motions and "working out." His approach to training relies heavily on the fundamentals of Functional Training, incorporating movements from the activities of daily life that are unique to each individual. He aims to be adaptable with his programming to help find the types of exercise and lifestyle changes that are exciting, manageable, and shape a path to achieve goals.

Jamie knows that clients are his walking billboards and treats training as a lifelong behavior modification where we have continuous improvement. He defines his sessions as simple, challenging, and efficient with an emphasis on proper form and mobility.  His favorite client is anyone with a goal and a willingness to work towards it!​
About The Gravette Gym
The Gravette Gym has been in existence for over a decade, changing hands multiple times. After managing the gym for three years, in October of 2020, Les and Natanya purchased the gym with the desire to take it to the next level. 

What sets us apart from other franchise or boutique gyms is our low monthly no-contract rates, our variety and quality of equipment, our large open floor plan, and our sense of "family" we're creating among our neighbors. You're not just another number at The Gravette Gym. You're a friend. And friends look out for each other physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

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